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This charity, has been an absolute lifeline for the past year to myself and my husband, who has Alzheimer’s.   Before discovering Walking In Your Shoes, we had tried using local Day Centres but they were unable to keep my husband occupied or cope with his mood swings - he becomes bored very easily and will just walk out of the building if not happy - most Day Centres are unable to provide one to one care which is vital for those suffering with dementia.   Juliette and Mike provide a fantastic service for people with dementia, which enables their Carers to have a much-needed break at an affordable price. They go over and above board to make their clients very welcome and are always coming up with different ideas to keep everyone occupied - Juliette is constantly thinking up new games and projects for everyone to get involved in and Mike is very clever at putting the ideas into practise by inventing and adapting games and activities in a way that someone with dementia can understand, use and take part in, and so boost their confidence.   A trip to the theatre has been arranged this year and we are all very much looking forward to going as a group - something I would not be so confident to do with just the two of us as it's not always easy coping with someone with dementia on your own, but knowing there will be plenty of support will make this a far more enjoyable experience.   I'm always happy to leave my husband in the care of Juliette and Mike, knowing he will be safe and well looked after until I come back to collect him.

*My mother has been attending “Walking in Your Shoes” in Swaffham Prior since March 2023. Looking after someone with dementia can be a lonely journey, with most families being left to cope alone at home following the formal diagnosis. I had been unable to find any other activities in the local area that were suitable for my mother to attend without me and where she was able to fully participate. Juliet and Mike have created somewhere where I can not only leave my mother knowing that she is completely safe and valued, but where she can socialise and take part in a vast range of activities designed to stimulate the mind. The small group size and excellent staff to participant ratio means that everyone is fully supported to get the most out of the sessions. Each week I am amazed at the things my mother has not only done, but actively enjoyed doing, and the relish with which she has thrown herself into the activities.   Clearly a lot of time and effort goes into the planning of the sessions with many custom-made games and plenty of familiar favourites adapted to fit the abilities of the members of the group. The memory books created for, and with, each person record the achievements and experiences that they enjoy. I think it is safe to say that attending is the highlight of my mother’s week.

*The respite sessions provided by Walking in your shoes have proved to be an absolute godsend to me. I was getting to a point where my wellbeing was suffering trying to care for my husband, who has Alzheimer’s.   The sessions provide him with activities and stimulation that is not available elsewhere. Mike and Juliette are very patient and excellent in their understanding of individuals with dementia. The sessions are weekly, which is a great advantage, as a regular timetable works best for my husband. I know he is safe, and I can relax and have some very valuable me-time, or just catch up with the housework. Plenty of drinks and snacks are provided during the day, which maintains a better fluid intake than can easily achieved at home, essential in maintaining good health in patients suffering from dementia.   My husband enjoys the sessions, and spends quite a bit of time talking about the activities and people, as they occur to him during the week.

*Going the extra mile so that he could get to Church in order to play the organ for the congregation! Thank you.   

*Interesting and interactive activities with friendly people.

*As always, you provide an invaluable service and I can relax knowing he is in very safe hands for a few hours. Thank you   

*Quick to respond and very helpful - thank you.   

*So pleased we have found you - you really understand what it's like living with dementia and have gone above and beyond to make him feel happy, occupied and understood. So many ideas and little touches - thank you.